Testimonial of Ed and Brenda Lewis –

Testimonial of Ed and Brenda Lewis

We were married in November of 1968 and moved to Palatka the following year.  After visiting several other churches we were invited by Larry and Charla Minnick to visit CIMC.  We had met the Minnicks through Ed’s practice as a veterinarian at Crill and Palm Veterinary Hospital.  We were made to feel welcome by the warmth and friendliness of the people we met at CIMC.  Several people called us the following week to say they were glad we had come and hoped we would visit again.  One who quickly comes to mind was Lorene Clay who contacted us several times.  After attending for about a year, we joined the church.  Becoming part of this church has been one of the best and most fulfilling decisions we have ever made.

Shortly after joining the church, we volunteered in the youth ministry.  Other ministries that we have been active in through the years are Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Music and Hospitality.  Through those ministries, we have been and still are involved in teaching Sunday School and other Bible study groups.  In recent years we have become part of the hospitality committee.  Brenda has been instrumental in the work of the Women’s Spiritual Life Retreat since it was begun by Edith Pounds.

It has been a privilege for us to have had the opportunity to use our God-given talents and resources toward the fulfillment of the CIMC mission of reaching others for Christ. Through our involvement in the church, we have grown in our knowledge of the scriptures, making us better equipped to share our faith.  Because of the CIMC outreach ministries, such as Samaritan’s Purse and Spiritual Life Retreat, we have gained insight into the needs of people outside the church and experienced the blessings that come from helping others.

We have been truly blessed by being part of the CIMC family.  This church has helped us bring up our children and helped us through the difficulties that have come into our lives.  They ministered to us in an unforgettable way when our son Mark died in a car accident in 2005.  Other situations which come to mind are the many ways the CIMC family turned out to help us during the forest fires, hurricanes and when we needed help after Ed’s truck accident in 1994.  We don’t know how we would have made it through these situations without the love and prayerful support of our church.

We are happy to be participating in the 50th anniversary and thankful for the way God has blessed our church with godly pastors and leaders.  We look forward to continuing to do our part in building on the foundation which has been laid for the future of CIMC. We feel blessed to be part of the love and fellowship that we share with one another.


Yours in Christ,

Ed and Brenda