Lorraine Bradshaw Carr



I was raised in the Baptist Church was baptized when I was 12 years old. But for some reason I was so unhappy at the church where my family belonged. It seems it was always “Hell Fire and Brimstone”! This for a person trying to find their way and sick on top of it did nothing for me. I remember leaving the church one Sunday.  When I drove up Silver Lake Drive I happen to look over to the church that was being built next to the cemetery. The stained glass window made into the cross was there and I remember the roof line being so modern for Palatka and I told myself, “Wow what a beautiful church. It would be nice to go there someday!” Little did I know that I would become a member in 1982, rededicate myself to the Lord, get married, have my baby son dedicated, see him grow up in the church, hear him sing there, see him baptized. My husband and I became involved in so many different ministries, you see my life changed that day God guided me to CIMC.

I was sick with Crohn’s Disease when I was brought to CIMC by Sam Carr. We had both been through divorces and started dating and said we wanted to do things right this time. So our first step was church. My very first visit I was ill and went into the women’s Sunday School class taught by Mary Mullis. All of a sudden I started crying because of what was being said touched me. Marge Pelitier put her arm around me and held me while I cried. I was able to get it out or so I thought and have composer for church service. Well, the same thing happened I started crying during the invocation of Bro Mike Weldon’s service. I went to the alter to rededicate myself to the Lord and Evie Cole met me there. She prayed with me and held my hand while I prayed to ask God’s forgiveness of my sins. This started a lifelong friendship between Evie and me. This started long friendships with other Saints of the church Edith Pounds, Betty Hawkins, Rose Hanzook, Ann Heini, June Miesmer, Brenda Lewis and others.

I had to undergo some serious surgeries during my beginning time at CIMC. The second year the doctors did not give me much hope of ever being able to get rid of the Crohn’s. I defied the Doctors by telling myself God could take this away! So I started doing my own bible study of healing. I came across Psalm 20:6, now I know that the Lord saves His anointed. I went straight to Bro Mike and asked him if I could be anointed for healing. He talked to me for a long time making sure I had not gone off my rocker and agreed. But he said the anointing may not heal me physically but could heal me spiritually and that in turn could heal me physically and asked me if I understood which I did. He planned to do it the next Sunday evening service and said I could invite some to go down with me if I wanted so I told him I wanted the Board of Stewards and spouses and named off my other close friends. The evening came and I went down to the alter with everyone laying their hands on me as Bro Mike anointed with oil and prayed. During the prayer I could not feel anyone’s hands on me. Afterwards I felt calm and strong. God healed me spiritually that evening he didn’t completely heal me physically but he healed me enough that Sam and I were able to get married on July 30, 1983 in the church. I still have physical problems but I have the Lord on my side and most of the congregation of CIMC in prayer for me. If it had not been for the love and prayers of the people of CIMC I would not be alive today. If it had not been for the lifelong friendships of the Godly women of CIMC I don’t know where I would be today either.


PS There is a lot of details to my testimony if you’d like to hear my entire story just ask I’ll be happy to share.